Raw Material Purchase for BUSINESSES

Both the concern for the environment and compliance with the ever more complex legislation regulating the area of secondary raw materials require increasingly more from businesses. With our know-how and modern equipment, we provide businesses with a comprehensive, overall management solution on how to dispose of their industrial scrap. We accept all types of useful waste materials that can be reused as secondary raw materials after being recycled, including all types of steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, and other materials as are paper, plastic, packaging timber, etc.

By participating in the schemes on handling particular categories of secondary raw materials, we also take electronic scrap, batteries and packaging, which are collected, processed and prepared for their future reuse.

We provide businesses with the service of secure destruction of business and other types of documents. The disposal of such documentation can also be performed in the presence of business representatives.

The Dinos service of waste material acceptance is adapted to the specificities of the waste producer. Through joint cooperation we take over the care for the collection, transport and acceptance of waste. By the facilities which are offered as part of our equipment lease service, the process of waste collection is simplified for businesses and thus a transparent process of waste management which is in line with the legislation ensured.

The waste of the waste producer is collected with vehicles fitted with modern equipment and transported to one of our yards or processing centres. There, the delivered material is first weighed and then its take over and all the prescribed acceptance documents arranged.

For years we have been in close cooperation with businesses which support and promote humanitarian projects and environmental movements by participating actively with practical solutions to collecting and recycling useful waste.

We also offer services to public utility companies especially in taking over scrap metal and non-metal scrap (paper, wood, plastic, glass, textile, and more) which are treated on our advanced processing lines and prepared for recycling and reuse.

Raw Material Purchase for RESIDENTS

Accepting and selling processed waste materials which both seem to cause most problems to all of us are the services that Dinos makes available also to households. We offer 18 collection yards where you as a natural person have the option to deliver or sell various categories of steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, paper, and plastic, that is any waste that no longer serves its purpose, and by doing so contribute to a cleaner environment.

In case you have collected a larger amount of waste, we can make use of our advanced logistics solutions to collect and transport your waste from its place of location. For this service please contact one of our yards nearest you.

Payments made to natural persons are taxed in accordance with the Slovenian Personal Income Tax Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 117/06 with subsequent amendments and supplements). The procedure of accepting waste and the payment procedure are simple and easy. In order to receive payment for your delivered waste, you will need to present the following:

  • a personal identity document
  • a document providing proof of the VAT registration number, and
  • a bank account number (for payments exceeding the amount of EUR 125.00).

Payments to residents in the amount of less than EUR 125.00 are made in cash only.

Raw Material Purchase for residents


The future belongs to the youth.

We have been proud promoters of raising awareness among the youth on why and how to collect waste, and by doing so even receive a little reward, in other words, get paid for it. Our logictics support enables educational establishments and organisations to collect paper and other waste at their desired location. In joint cooperation we make an agreement on the manner of waste collection and on the conditions and terms of waste acceptance based on the needs and the capacity of each individual establishment or organisation.

Our centres for waste processing are open for visits to schoolchildren and students where we acquaint them with our process of appropriate secondary raw material preparation. Visits to our processing centres provide schoolchildren and students with a first-hand experience on what actually happens with accepted materials and how they are recycled to be used again.

Raw Material Purchase for kindergartens, schools and societies