Quality Management and Waste Treatment Policy

Our business orientation is running the business with due diligence and by means of using system tools of raising awareness on the impacts of the company’s business activity on the environment. Our focus orientation is towards domestic and foreign markets by achieving goals the purpose of which is to strengthen the stability of the company based on creating profit.

The number one target in the business performance of each individual unit is high quality performance in collecting, processing, delivering, transporting and marketing raw materials. This is combined with the aspiration to achieve not only better business outcomes competitive to other companies in the area of processing raw and other similar materials, but also proven reduction of risk to the environment.

The company fulfils and meets the demands of the systematic quality and environmental management based on the principle

»Plan - Do - Check - Act«

by means of the mechanisms described in the Process Description, Procedure Description and Work Instructions.

The management and staff of Dinos are committed to a continuous improvement in the quality of our work, final products but also flexibility in adapting to new circumstances, by implementing the latest methods of collecting, sorting and processing raw materials as well as marketing these which thus become secondary raw materials and lose the status of waste. At Dinos we are in a constant pursuit of the most advanced and up-to-date solutions and improvements aiming to minimise pollution and supporting the trend towards increasing the amounts of waste materials that are recycled. Following this policy has a great effect on the lifecycle of products, as it lengthens it and at the same time safeguards natural resources.

The quality objectives specified in the company annual plans are regularly examined and checked by the management, and based on the identified risks, including the measures necessary for the elimination of these risks, measures are adapted and implemented to achieve the planned economic results. Plans and objectives include programs for improving the system of environmental protection and implementing the processes for preventing pollution and adverse environmental impacts.

The key element to successful work is on one hand cooperation and communication at equal and between different organizational levels within the Dinos business structure, and on the other hand cooperation and communication between the management board and the other levels of the organisation where interested customers are included as well.

We do business in a way that meets the needs of our owners and employees and cooperate with the immediate surroundings of the location where the activity takes place. We care for raising awareness of our employees on carrying out our business activity in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The management of the company ensures all the necessary conditions for implementing and achieving the set both quality and environmental objectives respectively at the management level, by continuously investing in the education and training of our employees at all organizational levels and by verifying the system for quality management and environmental protection by performing management reviews and audits.

The company management provides business based on legal and sectoral regulations, in particular in the field of waste management, environmental protection and other requirements of the interested customers, all of which are mandatory for doing business that is legal, successful and oriented towards protecting the environment. The company respects and meets the requirements of the legislation in force and adapts to the international regulations that are significant for an outstanding high quality business operation that is environmentally friendly.

The company policy on quality environmental protection is available to all employees in announcements on company advertising billboards, website, and in the company quality manual. The company management makes sure employees are familiar with the quality management and environmental protection policy, with the purpose of employees understanding and executing the policy in the areas of their work.

The objectives of quality management and environmental protection support and promote the policy of quality management and environmental protection and are specified in the company annual plan.

Ljubljana, 11 June 2018

Damijan Zorko
President of the Management Board

Damijan Zorko



Certificate certifies that Dinos has established and applies a Quality and Environmental Management System