About Dinos

Dinos  -  Let’s Give Industry Back Its Raw Materials

We are an active partner with the industry, businesses and households, as we share similar values on the same path to a common goal. Choose our Wise Decision for a Clean Future service and let us take care of your waste. After collecting your waste material, we process it and by recycling it close the so-called material cycle, thus ensuring safeguarding of natural resources and giving waste new life. We look for solutions daily and set ourselves new challenges particularly in the field of processing those materials that are most difficult or almost impossible to recycle.

The Dinos 6 Stars

  • Your needs are taken care of by an excellent team of our trained experts.
  • Scrap material can be delivered to as many as 18 Dinos locations throughout Slovenia.
  • With our own 75 scrap collection vehicles and more than 4,000 containers we guarantee the best possible responsiveness.
  • We are noted for our tradition and expertise based on the experience acquired in 70 years of our business operation. 
  • Our top priority is meeting legal obligations and doing business with transparency.
  • We take part in numerous projects on circular economy.



Head of Management Office:Katarina A. Mirtič
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 30
Telefax:00386 1 561 25 82


Human Resources

Head:Monika Golob
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 30
Telefax:00386 1 561 25 82


Finance Sector

Head:Zdenka Gorenc
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 20
Telefax:00386 1 561 25 82


Ecology and Technology Sector

Head:Brigita Šarc
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 23
Telefax:00386 1 561 25 82


Commerce sector

Head:Tomaž Vozel
Telephone:00386 1 561 0673
Mobile:00386 30 608 019


Purchasing, Sales and Logistics

Metals:Robert Luin
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 42
Telefax:00386 1 568 60 08
Non-ferrous metals:Borut Žlaber
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 37
Telefax:00386 1 568 60 08
Non-metals:Goran Ambrož
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 30
Telefax:00386 1 568 60 08
Plastic:Andrej Guštin
Telephone:00386 1 561 0630
Mobile:00386 30 631 669


Safety and Health at Work

Head:Irena Golob Bajželj
Telephone:00386 1 561 06 36
Telefax:00386 1 561 25 82

Company Profile

Full name:DINOS company for secondary raw material preparation, d.o.o.
Short name:DINOS d.o.o.
Head office:Šlandrova ulica 6, SI 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone:00386 (01) 561 06 30
Telefax:00386 (01) 561 25 82
Legal structure:public limited company
Share capital:2.279.668,17 EUR
Registration number:5003318
Tax number:SI44905793
Activity code:38.320

Management board:Damijan Zorko, President
Benjamin Bambič, Member
Marc Breidenbach, Member

What Dinos is and what we aspire to be

The vision of our business is to continue to be the leading company in collecting and processing scrap materials, achieved by using cutting edge technologies and taking care of environmental protection and sustainable development in synergy with all parties involved in the process.

Our environmentally friendly and socially responsible business operation helps to preserve natural resources in Slovenia and wider European region. Our mission is to collect and process waste into commercially attractive and high quality secondary raw materials for our buyers, and this is the activity that has allowed the company in its 70-year old operation to make circular economy, green jobs and conservation of natural resources possible. Such operation allows intensive investment in the latest technologies for collecting and processing waste as well as investment in the know-how of our employees which is our main competitive advantage that creates value for the company owners and makes the company more attractive for business connections.

Core commitments of Dinos as a socially responsible business

At Dinos corporate social responsibility is part of the company’s business strategy and management. This is the direction we have chosen and the path that we have outlined for ourselves and we aspire to it to be based on knowledge and cooperation.

We continuously improve the effectiveness of the work in all our activities which make an impact on the company’s successful operational performance.

The realisation of our objectives regarding informing and educating, including two-way communication, involves not only our employees but also our suppliers and business partners. We are a company that besides raising awareness raises and educates and fulfils its pursuit with sincerity and consistency. Every year you can follow us in humanitarian projects on collecting scrap paper in support of friends in need and on collecting scrap plastic bottles for new life, where our participation often adds a happy ending to many life stories. 

Core commitments to employees

We are aware that behind any successful business stand employees. This is why we provide our employees with a good working environment and encourage them to work and act with respect, trust and cooperation. Inspiring potential in our employees allows them to progress at a both private and business level respectively, and that is the reason why we commit ourselves to providing continuous education and training at all levels as we believe not only in our colleagues but in the fact that we are better together.

Core commitments to the environment in which we operate

We understand the importance of environmental conservation and follow the trend towards sustainable development. Environmentally friendly oriented technology investments in the operation of Dinos represent the company’s continuous concern for the environment and its responsibility to manage waste materials in compliance with the environmental legislation in force. By doing so, the company is dedicated to achieving high environmental objectives in the handling of scrap and taking care that recycled materials reach their maximum value and are used in their reuse. We remain committed to preventing environmental pollution as well as any risk of accidents at work or other exceptional occurrences. We aspire to being a responsible member of the community and the environment we operate in.