Quality policy

The basic orientation of the company is running its business in accordance with the principles of due care and attention with the help of system tools, such as awareness of environmental impacts due to business activity, orientation towards home and foreign markets, the achievement of objectives in order to enhance the stability of the company based on profit-making.

The basic aim of the operation of each business unit is the qualitative performance of the collection, recycling, submission, transportation and trading of waste with a tendency to achieve better business results than the competition in the area of waste management services and similar materials, and a demonstrable reduction of environmental risk.

The company, through the mechanisms described in the organizational rules and work instructions, performs and works in accordance with the requirements of a quality management system and environmental management system according to the principle

“plan – perform – verify – correct”

The management and employees are committed to the constant improvement of the quality of work and the final products, with the implementation of new technologies of collecting, sorting, recycling and destruction of waste raw material, and the adaptation to new circumstances. The company is involved in a constant search for new solutions and improvements aimed at reducing environmental pollution, and a tendency for reducing the amount of waste in landfills.

These objectives set in the annual plans are reviewed and verified by the management at periodic meetings which set and adjust the objectives and plans according to the actual situation and the findings. The plans and goals include programmes to improve the environmental management system and the introduction of processes to prevent pollution and adverse effects on the environment.

The basis of successful work is the co-operation, communication at the same level and also between different organizational structural levels of Dinos, and the co-operation and communication between the management and other organizational levels, and interested parties.

We operate in a way that satisfies the shareholders and employees, and work within the immediate environment in which the business is conducted. We care for the awareness of employees concerning the operation in an environmentally friendly way.

The company’s management provides the necessary conditions for the implementation and achievement of quality objectives and environmental objectives at the management level through continuous education, training employees at all organizational levels and checking the quality management system and the environmental management system with managerial reviews and audits.

The company’s management provides an operation based on statutory and industrial regulations mostly in the area of waste management, environment management and other requirements of interested parties, necessary for a regulatory, successful and environmentally-oriented business operation. The company considers and implements the requirements of the applicable laws and adapts to international regulations which are necessary for a quality and environmentally-friendly operation.

The policy of qualitative environmental management of the company is available to all employees to see by posting on billboards, web pages and in the Quality Manual. The company’s management introduces the policy of quality and environmental management to its employees with the intent to understand and implement it in the areas of its operation.
The objectives of quality and environmental management support the policy, and are provided in the annual business plan.

Dinos d.d.
Damijan Zorko, Chairman of the Board
Ljubljana, 18 October 2011