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Non-metallic waste

One tonne of waste paper saves 3.5m3 of trees in nature.

Dinos, d.d., was the first company to introduce the collection of waste paper and glass in Slovenia, and with its 60-year tradition, it continues the processes of collecting non-metallic materials and waste.

The process of collecting and recycling non-metallic waste has a long tradition, and contributes to a better protection of the environment, as recycling non-metallic waste is among the simplest forms of recycling. Companies separating non-metallic waste and material rationalize the costs of municipal services and thus help to reduce the quantities of waste disposal.

We collect all types of waste paper, plastic, wood and glass, of which we make secondary raw materials that are important for our buyers for reuse, especially in technical products (when we speak of plastics) and recycled paper (when we speak of paper). Processed glass is used as an insulation material in construction.