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Non-ferrous metal

Recycling of one aluminium can saves enough electrical energy for a 3-hour operation of your TV. Imagine how much we save by recycling one tonne (14,000kWh).

A compelling argument for recycling non-ferrous metals is their value. If we also add to this the significant savings in emissions of CO2 we achieve with recycling, we may conclude that the future lies in recycling of all types of non-ferrous metals. Every one of us may contribute our part to this, and may also be rewarded.

Dinos, d.d., is specialized in collecting and recycling all types of waste non-ferrous metals, from the most common ones, such as aluminium and copper, to those that are much rarer, as for instance nickel and tin. We also buy alloys, such as various brasses and bronzes. Our task is to sort a huge number of various alloys, clean them and prepare them for reuse in the smelting plants in Slovenia and in the wider Europe. This requires a great deal of effort and knowledge, as there are international standards for quality of individual secondary raw materials also with non-ferrous metals.