About the company

Dinos was founded in 1946 as a company under the republic, and named Odpad (Waste) with the purpose of collecting waste for subsequent use. Dinos was the first company to carry out this activity.

Up until today, the company with its business units has remained geographically dispersed within Slovenia. In 1963, there was a competition for the selection of a new company name for the company. The result of this competition was a new title – since then, the company has been called Dinos. DINOS is the abbreviation from the first letters of the words in the sentence Dajmo Industriji Nazaj Odpadne Surovine (Let’s give back waste raw material to industry). The change also occurred in the content, as the company at that time had already exceeded the technological development in the activity, and changed from a collector and buyer of waste material into the processor of secondary raw materials for the industrial processing of the materials. The removal of waste material in containers from the source of the wastes to the end user was carried out during the years from 1963 to 1965, and was a great novelty at that time. The new millennium was also of key importance for the Dinos company. In 2001, for the further strengthening of the confidence in the company, we obtained certificates for Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System SIST EN ISO 14001:1997. In 2005, we established a strategic capital connection with the enterprise Scholz AG¹ which is one of the biggest companies engaged in the collection and recycling of waste raw material in Europe.

Entering the new millennium, we started a period of intensive investment in the technological update of warehouses as some of them were not consistent with environmental requirements. Thus, Dinos became the most modern and technologically the best company in this field within Slovenia.

The collected amount reflects the increasing environmental awareness of the population and companies demonstrating their social responsibility. Dinos operates with knowledge and technology, which guarantees that waste raw materials do not end up in landfills or even in the natural environment, but are efficiently reused. For this purpose, we pursue a policy of constant improvement of processes and the implementation of new technologies which guarantee an even better use of waste for further recycling with a minimal negative impact on the environment. We try to be a model and example of good practice and of a responsible company towards society, with the priority of taking care of a clean environment where we live. We are also obliged to do so by our mission.

¹ Scholz AG is a German company which entered into the ownership structure in 2005. The company has been in operation since 1872 and performs its business all over the world. Besides Europe, it also owns companies in North America, Mexico, China, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.